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Cincinnati Outdoor Living Design by the experts at Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you enjoy entertaining large groups or prefer to spoil family members with cozy dinners, preparing the perfect meal is always a wonderful way to tell someone how much they matter to you.

Historically, the indoor kitchen is the heart of most every home, the “food is love” part of every gathering.This where great food, great conversation and life are shared. Living in the Mid-West has an exciting trend that adds a whole new direction to entertaining from your home and literally makes traditional boundaries obsolete by offering all the indoor conveniences and functions of a great gathering in a new, natural setting. More and more households are discovering how much fun it is when they take their lives outside.

Cincinnati Outdoor Living is much more than just eating outside. 

In fact, adding all of the conveniences to your outdoor space gives you an additional refuge from your hectic lifestyle. 

Imagine an overstuffed couch, angled toward a fireplace. The warm fire crackling and shedding just enough light to be peaceful…

Maybe a warm, moonlit night, with a light breeze moving from a ceiling fan, turning slowly, dim light and the cocktail of your choice...

20 of your closest friends, gathered in the center of your outdoor living space, enjoying time together, grill lit and smelling wonderful...

Would you like to watch your favorite game in your new outdoor living environment? We can help with every aspect. A mechanical pergola system, television monitors, fireplaces, fire pits, and even outdoor furniture! We have everything you need to expand your life to the area of your home that was only able to be used when the weather was perfect in the past! Now we can add not only space, but space that is as comfortable as the family room is inside!

The dream is only what you can imagine! For the space that was only an afterthought before now! Let us help bring your dream to reality.


Quality Products+ Quality Design+ Quality Installation= Quality Results! 

World class products, manufactured from top quality materials starts the process! Designing the entire space, not just one area, but the whole project is imperative to the final outcome. Having the best group of installation professionals anywhere is something we pride ourselves in! Our team is second to none, from front office, to design and sales, to the final installation, there is no-one that strives to the end result the way we do! 

Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen can give you the Outdoor Living space you have always dreamed of, call us today to begin the journey!


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